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Natural Pumice Stone 

One of the keys to rip and shred free hands is to keep your calluses and the thick areas of your palms smooth and uniform. This is easily accomplished with our wild volcanic pumice.

These irregularly shaped natural stones are hard and durable and can last for years. Because of their irregular shape, wild harvested pumice stones are more abrasive than the drug store varieties, which are usually produced by pulverising pumice and moulding it to uniform shape by adding glue and synthetic ingredients.

The stone is exactly as found in nature and feels great in your palm. It is so rustic and prehistoric that you may feel like a caveperson.

Instructions for use are simple–for best results, use on damp skin after lathering and rinsing your hands with soap. Rub the stone in one direction over your calluses and dry skin parts, and rinse. Moisturise afterwards with w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream.

You can pumice your palms when not near a sink or shower, also, and we recommend keeping a few around so you can polish your palms while waiting for traffic lights, or when in lines at the DMV. If you have rips or tears, heal them first with w.o.d.welder Solid Salve first.

True Grit for your Hands.

Natural Pumice stone will weigh about 1.5 to 2.0 ounces and will vary wildly in shape.
For long life and to unclog residue, soak in hot soapy water and let dry in the sun if possible to purify.

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