Washing maching Power Descaler


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Power Descaler

Washing maching & dishwasher descaler


Use the Duzzit Power Descaler regularly to keep your washing machine and dishwasher free from limescale buildup.

Limescale can build up over time, particularly in hard water areas. This can affect the performance & damage the heating element and /or pump, thus shortening the working life and increasing energy usage.

Duzzit power descaler is suitable for all washing machine types and can also help to remove odours and detergent build up.

To keep your appliances performing as they should treat them once every three months in hard water areas and every six months in soft water areas. 

Directions for use:

Washing Machines

  • Pour half the contents of the sachet into the drum
  • Pour the remaining contents into the draw
  • Set the machine for a 40° wash cycle
  • Turn on the machine


  • Pour half the contents of the sachet into the dishwasher
  • Pour the remaining contents into the dosing tray in the machine
  • Turn machine on and run a standard cycle.

1 sachet contains 80g.

Contains 1 sachet.


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