Shower Head Shut-Off Flow control Valve


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Water control valve

Introducing the World Niche high pressure shower head, water control shut-off valve.

Our valves are made from solid brass and have been tested to a very high standard with high pressure showers with no leakage whatsoever. This water control valve will fit majority standard shower hose’s, shower arms, shower head, shower nozzles which are all 1/2 inch standard fitting.

Inside all shower hoses and shower heads you will find a rubber O ring. Over time this ring can perish and the seal between both hose and shower head can leak water. Our shower shut off valve comes with a brand new rubber O ring to ensure your no problems when using your new valve.

This water control valve is one of the best selling shut off valves in the UK and compatible with all shower douches including internal cleansing douches. Can be used as shut-off valve or water saver valve Easy turn on / off valve No leaking even from high pressure.

If you have tried one of the many water shut off valves on ebay or amazon for sale for around £4-7 then you will probably that they do not work with majority of showers very well due to water pressure. Many of the low cost valves are unable to cope with the water pressure kicked out from a standard shower let alone a pressure shower.

When you use one of these valves you will experience water spray from the valve. The reason for the low cost and failure to work properly is down to the cheap plastic parts inside these valves. This is not ideal and also means the valve isn’t doing the job you purchased it for.

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