Sazzi Bikini Line Shaper Diamond Shape


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Sazzi Bikini Line Shaper – Diamond shape

The Sazzi Shaper is designed to wax or shave /shape around your most intimate part.

Colours vary – Pink or Green/lime/yellowish will be sent at random.

The SazziShaper is  the ideal gift for hen parties, brides to be, holidays, special occasions or just a great sexy surprise for your partner!

With a Sazzi Shaper pubic hair templates, you can give the hair down there a new look, unlike a new hairstyle or a way-out outfit, you can decide exactly who does and doesn’t get to see it.

So now you’ve mastered the basics of trimming, you’re ready to try for a “special” look using the Sazzi Shaper.

This handy little device helps you shave exactly the pattern you want.

You put on the Sazzi Shaper just like you would wear a thong. Then you wax, wet shave or dry shave around it, using the Shaper as a template.
When you’re done, you’ve got perfectly pictured pubes.
A very practical, and stylish easy to use inexpensive shaper!

In the interests of hygiene this product should not be used by more than one person or as an item of underwear, and therefore means that we do not accept returns.

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