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If you wear latex / rubber clothing this shiner is a must.
Long lasting bigger 400ml can of rubber / rubba shine.  Latex garments when new generally arrive as a dull black dusty look and feel.
To achieve the super shiny look you often see in pictures that make the product look great you need to apply a shine / cleaning agent to your latex.

If you have previously user any aerosol product to apply shine to a latex garment you will probably have experienced it can become quite “chokey” especially in smaller rooms.

This new rubber shine has been formulated to take away a huge part of that and make it easier to apply. Ini addition to this we also now have our popular rubber shiner available in 3 new flavour/scents. Apple, Cherry and Strawberry. When applying the shiner these new scents will make the spraying of the latex a whole lot better.
Simply spray on your garment from approx 15-25cm away and your ready to shine away!

Please note: Rubber Shine has been re-formulated & re-branded.

Our new Rubba Shine and is now even better and available in other scents.

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Rubba Shine Natural, Rubba Shine Cherry, Rubba Shine Strawberry, Rubba Shine Apple


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