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M models Birmingham – Model agency scam

Scam modelling agency scam

The web of lies and the truth unveiled

I hope you’re sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee or something stronger.

The following information is a first hand experience of M Models and the web of lies and false promises offered.

We will uncover lots of information relating to the owners of the companies involved and will give you all of the information we have found on the people and how they are all tie in together and point to the main man in the scam at the front of M Models, Ricky!

Our experience with M Models, Birmingham model agency.

In May 2019 (remember this date for later) search was done by my girlfriend for a modelling agency locally to take her daughter to. For the Purpose of this article I will refer to her as Miss A.

From the search results returned a website called CastingT.

After sending off an email and we shortly had a response and was referred to a modelling agency called M Models based in Birmingham at The Big Peg, Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6NF. The following websites and details link to M Models. Check online the poor reviews of this company., & &

London HQ – 0203 916 5848 – Manchester HQ – 0161 362 4424 – Bucharest HQ – +403 1630 6188

We got a appointment with M Models over the next few days offering us a free photo shoot and an opportunity for them to see if Miss A had the right tools for the job. We turned up and the building was a high rise big building with offices called the Big Peg. We found the right floor but was a bit surprised, apart from office numbers M Models was the only company with no “name plate” showing the company name. It was by pure luck we bumped into a lady that was already there and had gone out to visit the toilet. She showed us where to go.

We went in and filled in some registration forms, waited around for other people there to have photos taken and before long we was whisked into a studio where Miss A had several photos taken. 10 minutes later we were back in the waiting room and was told that the owner was currently sending the photos that were just taken to several modelling agencies to see if they like the pictures.

20-30 minutes later and we was ushered into a small room and introduced to a man calling himself the owner, Ricky. He flattered us and gave us the spiel on how one of the modelling agencies had seen Miss A previously and wanted more. He said he had sent the pictures taken to several modeling agencies. Ricky explained that he and his company was not a model agency but they were more of an agent that put our details forward to modelling agencies. Ricky was very convincing in this role and totally believable. His manor and actions were relaxed. At this point we had no reason to think there was anything different than what we was being told.

Ricky told us her had sent Miss A’s picture to several agencies and had got several replies. The reason we was kept waiting outside for so long was due to the conversations taking place inside this room between Ricky and all the modelling agencies that was fighting to get Miss A on board after seeing a few sample pictures. Ricky laid out his plans and what he does as a company. He told us that he would NEVER take on a new potential model if at least three modelling agencies all wanted the model to be registered with them. As luck would have it out of the agencies Ricky had contacted it turns out at least 4 of them wanted Miss A! Ricky explain that we had 2 options and also explained what he did for the money. He offered us two options, an UK option with our details being sent to 30 modelling agencies in the UK that he worked with closely. He would only put our details forward to the agencies that had potential. This option cost £300. The other option was basically the same but Miss A’s details and images were apparently passed onto hundreds of agencies around Europe and this option cost £600. He suggested we did not go to this option as we would have to much work and it would involve to much travelling around Europe, due to Miss A’s age and schooling it was not recommended. He suggested the £300 option would be a good option. He told us we would also get a free website for the £300 which we could have control of and manage ourselves. All of this process is a bit rush and under pressure against the clock. 

We thought about this for a few minutes and discussed the options given to us and decided to take him up on his offer of the £300 UK option. A few forms later signed and we had signed up with M Models and Ricky. Later after speaking to our credit card company it was pointed out in the small print the document we signed at the time was just a receipt accepting that the £300 fee was actually us paying for the “free” images that was taken that day and the signature was confirming we had received the photo’s and agreed to the charge.

The next process happened quickly. Within a couple of hours we had emails from three different agencies. Momco, Ignit3 modelling and Fusion model management. All offering us to go and take Miss A for an introduction meeting. The emails from Ignite3, Momco and Fusion arrived really fast. These three agencies were the three agencies that Ricky said he had send the pictures to and they all wanted to take Miss A onto there books.

These are the details of each company including the directors details.

Ignit3 Talent

IGNIT3 TALENT, Studio 3.11e, Citibase, Laurie House, Colyear St, Derby. DE1 1LA
Telephone: 01332 899550 | Email:

Ignit3 was Incorporated on 21 May 2019. The director is listed as Amar Singh DHANJAL. Born October 1997.


International House
61 Mosley Street
M2 3HZ
Incorporation Date: 2018-12-04

6 Adamson Court, Clarence Road, Warrington, United Kingdom, WA42PH
December 1989 4 December


Company number 07620988
88 Wood Street, London
Incorporated on 4 May 2011 Company status: Liquidation

So following on from the emails to contact all three of these modelling agencies we was contacted and invited to go to the offices of each of these agencies. Firstly we went to the offices of Momco and was told how Miss A had so much potential they would give us lots of work because she “had what it takes”. A £99 registration fee was paid to Momco to join the agency on 5th June 2019

We then took a drive to Derby on 13 June 2019 and also paid £200 to ignit3 Talent for the registration of Miss A. Also, Miss A’s sibling Mr B was also present and after an interview they confirmed they also wanted to sign him up because they had work opportunities for both.  

That evening we had the following email confirmation from Ignit3 Talent. THIS IS WHERE there suspicion started and alarm bells started to ring.ignit3 talent email

Check out both Momco and ignit3 names on the email.

Check the email above from Ignit3 and you will see it says Kind Regards, The MOMCO team!!!

Our hearts sank as we realised there was something massively dodgy about this whole situation and the realisation that we had been conned into handing over £600 to some fake lying agencies started to sink in. 

At this point I think it’s worth pointing out that there was an appointment set up for a meeting in London with FUSION Management limted. We looked into the company and the company Fusion Management at the time was actually in Liquidation

So what happened next?

Over the course of the next few weeks we contacted each of the agencies and requested full refunds  from each of them. 

We requested the following refunds. 

M Models, Birmingham £300

Momco, Warrington £100

Ignit3, Derby £200

All three requests were declined.

We raised a chargeback via the credit card companies but this is where the small print kicks in.

All of the companies that was paid via credit card sucessfully defended the chargeback based on a single technical detail. (Remember earlier in this article). The paper work we was rushed to sign stated that the £300 was a receipt for the photo’s that were taken that day. The paperwork suggests that we have received copies of the images and this is what the £300 is actually for. No mention whatsoever of any contract or the service of supplying agencies with the models details.  

Another technical wording difference can be found on the websites of all of these companies. The following phrase / line can be found. 

We are not an employment agency nor do we claim to be

Basically the law in the UK means ANY LEGITIMATE modelling agencies as actually classed as an employment agencie and have to follow specific rules and laws. By stating they are not an employment agency these companies are not only contradicting the company and services they provide but ultimately giving themselves a loop hole / get out clause for when an unsuspecting person like us loses money and tries to get it back. 

Right now you might be asking the same quetsions I was and you might be searching for some answers right? You might be asking yourself how can I make the claims I have made in this article. Well continue reading below and I will explain how I put together this whole network of lies and fake modelling agenicies set up purely to prey on and scam / defraud vulnerable people. 

I also found several other reviews about this company confirming to me this was a scam. M Models  modelling agency SCAM 

So lets look in some further details at these comapnies, there websites and there services and let me explain how I confirmed the single big scammer behind the entire web of lies and fraud. 

The person / company behind registering this domain name for M Models have chosen to HIDE there details from the public register. 


So I did a check on the website ( M MODELS)  and found the following information. 

The software used to create this website is the leading 


For those that do not understand these details I what these details mean. Some of the information is self explanitory. 

The person behind this website has used the company Unlimited Web Hosting to registar the domain name and also Host the web site. The name servers are basically the link in the back ground that tells your browser which IP address and which server to point all visitor to.

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 06-Oct-2018
Expiry date: 06-Oct-2020
Last updated: 26-Sep-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

More M Model websites: – Registrant Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY – There is however a note in the registration details suggesting there is a company called Photon Promotions is a registrar. A quick 2 minute search and I found the following information. 

Registered office address – 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD
Company status – Active — Active proposal to strike off
Company type – Private limited Company
Incorporated on – 26 June 2018

Photon Promotions limited has only been incorporated for a short time. The owner KHAN, Zulfqar Ahmed has hidden his real address behind the company. 

The website only registered in January 2019 funnily enough points to the same nameservers ( as (M Models)

Domain: –
Registered On: -2019-01-15
Expires On: -2020-01-15
Updated On: 2019-01-15
Name Servers:
Lets look a little closer.  the studio is based in Manchester. 
First Floor
Unit 2 & 3, Eurohouse
1 Overbridge Road
M7 1SL

The phone number also registered to a company called overbridge studio. There website is registered to:

Registry Admin ID:


Name Server: & Name Server:

The contact details for Photo Promotions also direct to a different domain name: 

And believe it or not this domain has the following registration information. 


Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 24-Oct-2018

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 24-Oct-2018
Expiry date: 24-Oct-2019
Last updated: 24-Oct-2018

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Same details as M Models. 

I noticed that some domains and websites also seen to be registered by a company called Mesh Digital and hosted on a different server. This seems to be the case for many domains and websites registered and created more recently. It also gets interesting as the domain MODELBOOKINGSONLINE.COM which belongs to M Models and is emailed with there details is also documented as the owner and registered registrant for this domain. 

Domain Name: MODELBOOKINGSONLINE.COM also belongs to M Models.


Registrant Organization: Photon Promotions is another domain owned by M Models. The registration details are now clearly being hidden. 

Registrant Name: Identity Protection Service

Registrant Organization: Identity Protect Limited

But what gives it away so much is the following information.

Registrar: Mesh Digital Limited

Name Server:

Name Server:

Mesh digital is part of a huge company in the UK that provides domain registration and hosting services.

The next twist – Gathering evidence

As you can see from the information above there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that all of these domains are being operated by one single place /company / person / scammer. 

So what more information do I have. 

Well remember Ignit3 Talent? Guess what…..

Ignit3 talent

The Whois report for Ignit3 Talent confirms the domain and website have been registered by the same company and point to the same nameservers. 

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was not able to match the registrant’s name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 16-May-2019

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 16-May-2019
Expiry date: 16-May-2020
Last updated: 16-May-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Who Next? Momco

So then I looked at Momco whois information and found the following information. 

momco whois report

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 26-Nov-2018

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 26-Nov-2018
Expiry date: 26-Nov-2019
Last updated: 26-Nov-2018

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

The company Momco also have this website (momcompany whois report)

momcompany whois

Another point to note that suggests these companies are all the same scam is the software used to create all of there websites. 

All of these domains and companies are using the same software called It’s software designed for modelling agencies.

All of the scam web sites I have been looking into are the same graphical design layouts with the same cookie notification etc. 

So looking around the internet for similar websites and similar complaints about the same scam I found a number of web sites that should be noted. 

Check out the following web sites that I have found on the internet. 

They all link together by the same phone numbers and / or locations. All websites have similar bad reviews and have been scamming people based on the reviews I have found online. I find it to much of a coincidence that all of these websites have been designed using the same software, registered by the same company. Hosted on the same servers. Graphically look very similar. 



Name Server:

Name Server:

See how similar the websites are:


Registrar WHOIS Server:

Name Server:

Name Server:

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 04-Jan-2019

Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]
URL: (a part of mesh digital)

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 04-Jan-2019
Expiry date: 04-Jan-2020
Last updated: 04-Jan-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was not able to match the registrant’s name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 27-Feb-2017

Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]
URL: (a part of mesh digital)

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 27-Feb-2017
Expiry date: 27-Feb-2020
Last updated: 27-Feb-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

The conclusion and how it all fits together

So by now you’re probably either bored.. fallen asleep.. or just damn tired and want to know how I have managed to piece this all together to prove that these websites all belong to Ricci Martin of M Models.

Firstly the evidence above is pretty conclusive. All of the websites for all of the companies are  linked and operated by the same person. This is not a small company operating a small scam. This is a big multi building with many people all involved with the scam. Running offices up and down the country. Registering limited companies. Building multiple websites. The financial rewards must be huge for the guys to build the network they have.

Read on and let me explain how these websites and companies all point back to the original source. 

So lets take this back right to the beginning. 

Where did I get the details from for M Models?

CastingTalent – –

Let’s take a look at the details for this website. 

Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Registrant Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
Registrant City: Nassau
Registrant State/Province: New Providence
Registrant Postal Code: 
Registrant Country: BS
Registrant Phone: +1.5163872248

So, a quick search online and I found the website and company castingT is actually based here: 

The Big Peg, Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6NF

This is the SAME address as M MODELS.

I checked the whois information for CastingT and they all point to the USA. This was slightly confusing but I’m not a fool. This has obviously been done to throw people off the scent of a scam. so I continued looking into castingT and found the following. 

Advertising there UK offices on the website that is hosted in the USA and registered to a state in the USA but also leaving on details in there terms that the charges are in $. A conflicting bit of information. 

casting T UK offices

I checked out more information and found the castingT web site is listed as being owned by a company called M Jax ltd



The following information has been taked from companies house.

M JAX LTD Company number 09228894

Registered office address
32 Brook House Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD

CHERRY, Ann Lesley

Correspondence address
32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD
Role ACTIVE: Director
Date of birth: July 1956
Appointed on: 22 September 2014

So basically the own of CastingT (Ann Cherry) is registered to 32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD.  

If you look at the bottom of the CastingT website there is a link to the company that designed the web site called IDA. It stands for Inky Design Agency Limited so lets take a little look at the company behind the design of website.  


So we took a lok into Inky Design Agency Ltd and it appears there is a couple of companies called Inky Design Agency. All have a very similar logo. I’m guessing our scammers have copied the other company name and logo to create some confusion around which company is actually a legitimate company and which company. Lets concentrate on the company and website linking from as his is going to be the company were interested in. 

Here is the details from the whois registrar. 

Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Registrant Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
Registrant City: Nassau
Registrant State/Province: New Providence
Registrant Postal Code: 
Registrant Country: BS
Registrant Phone: +1.5163872248
Registrant Phone Ext: 

I’m not surerised to see the same registration details as the website as the same company has made this website also. In true scammer fashion IDK have again chosen to hide there details using a privacy service and withheld there company details. 

INKYDESIGNAGENCY.COM has details on there website of the registered company to the below address. You can see the company is hiding behind a PO box address.

15. Our Details
The full name of our company is Inky Design Agency LTD.

Our registered address is:

Inky Design Agency
Office 2834
PO Box 6945
United Kingdom

According to companies house the owners of Inky Design Agency Ltd was Rich Martin. (Ricci Martin)


Rich Martin also hides his address in the companies house registration details. 

Correspondence address: PO Box 694, Office 2834, PO BOX 694, London, England, W1A 6US

Interesting points is that the company IDK was dissolved in 2016 and no longer active yet the company website is very much still active and trading. 

So is there other website which confirms the owners of INK DESIGN / CASTING T / M MODELS are all the same people. 

Registrant Contact
Name: Domain Admin
Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
City: Nassau
Phone: +1.5163872248


On this website the contact page confirms the address details to be 32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD.

This is the same address as Ann Cherry the reported director of


There you have it. In black and white. The owners of M MODELS and the CastingT are all the same people. 

I will be taking all of this information to the police fraud department with the hope that the find it useful and will use this information to bring down the people behind this scam. I’m under no illusion that these name and people that have registered these businesses are just aliases and the real culprits are probably sitting behind them.

I know the article was long winded and congratulations if you made it all the way to the end but this whole scam is long winded with a lot of time and effort going into fooling people into thinking all of these agnecies are legitimate and real agencies. 

If this article stops just one more person losing another penny to these complete and utter low lifes then it’s been worth the endless hours I’ve spent looking into these and creating this review of our experience and how £600 was lost to these scammers. 

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Beatriz Aspas Gil Direlecgroup sl

The joys of selling on amazon Spain

We have closed our international selling channels on Amazon due to the increased racist and fraudulent activity of not only the customers in SPAIN and GERMANY but the staff that work for Amazon are just as corrupt.

We recently sold a Children’s witch Fancy dress Halloween costume to the following person:

Beatriz Aspas Gil Direlecgroup sl 
Calle Carmen 2
L’Alqueria de la Comtessa, Valencia 46715
Phone : 669025271

Within a few days the buyer cancels the order but unfortunately due the efficiency of our warehouse the item had already been packed and shipped.  The item arrives in spain and is delivered to the above person on 15 October. Royal Mail tracking LB880024416GB proves this.

So the customer then opens up a claim on Amazon saying the item we sent is a different item and the description does not match the item listing. We asked the customer to send us photos of the item they have received so we can see what is different about the details in the listing and the item she has received. The customer is unable to do this as there is no difference. This is just a random reason in an attempt to get there money back and get a free costume.

Next the customer makes another claim that this Halloween costume arrived late and is no good for whatever even she wanted it for as the event happens on the 2nd November.  We pointed out the contradiction in dates and pointed out the item was in fact already delivered on 15 October. Well in time for her event on 2 November.

So this lying scum bag then again changes their mind for a third time and now tells Amazon that this costume arrived damaged and it no good. They demand an address in Spain to return the costume even though we are in the UK.

I point this out to Amazon and also point out the lies and the three different stories all made up by the customer in an effort to get a free costume.

This is Amazon response and more that likely the response of a racist member of staff working for amazon.

Please provide your customer with an address in Spain within 3 days and if you do not we will take the money from your account without your permission and give it back to the customer.  




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DLSML Health FRAUD WARNING Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd

WARNING about DLSML Health / Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd

The following company and people stole $1997 from World Niche in April 2018.

Following on several years of business between both companies there appeared to be an issue with DALIAN SML HEALTH and without warning the company vanished after receiving the $1997 from World Niche.

There was contact between our Sales contact below AMY TANG for several weeks following the issues but eventually the contact stopped and there is no answer from the email address or phone numbers.

Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd & Dalian SML Health Product Co.,Limited
ADD: No. 4 Qixiandongyuan, Huangpu Road, Hi-Tech Area, Dalian, China
TEL: 0411-84795986 E-mail:

Company representatives and Known contacts for Dalian SML

Amy Tang王希 (CiCi) Now reportedly working for hair extension company 

0086 15164029936


Mr. Xueming Chen

0086 3555955356

0086 13304114601

邹吉敏 (debra)

高巍巍 (Vivi Gao)


Bess Zheng

Wei Wei Gao – This person may be the same person Vivi Gao as above.

Yang Zhang

Rachel Zhang


New dodgy company details to be aware of.

This company is still active on Alibaba and has also been reported to alibaba.

Amy Tang seems to be associated to a small group of people listed above that have had several alibaba and aliexpress stores closed.

The latest company set up by these people containing a mix of the above is a hair company called qingdao_zhangjinhua. This also happens to be the name zhang jinhua that is also involved and connected to Dalian SML health.

All information has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities for further investigation into fraudulent activities.



UPDATE – 15 July 2018

Alibaba have now accepted the complaint we filed about DALIAN SML health and are currently waiting for to respond to there emails. Alibaba have informed me that DALIAN will be removed from alibaba if they do not respond.



UPDATE – 20 July 2018

So the person AMY TANG above contacted me today via a text message and asked me if I still needed to purchase the products I lost. She offered to supply me with the same products for considerable less than I had paid. She offered to buy these direct from the factory for me.  I declined her offer.

She is still using the same phone number +8615164029936  and gave me an email address: to contact her.



UPDATE – 26 July 2018

I have been contacted by Alibaba who informed me DALIAN SML have failed to respond so far and now have just 5 more days. Failure to respond with result in there seller account being closed.



UPDATE – 08 August 2018

Alibaba have no closed the trading account of Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd.






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World Niche growth over the last 6 years

World Niche Limited

The successful growth and development of World Niche over the last 7 years has been a rapid emotional roller roaster and fingers crossed this is just the beginning.

It all started back in 2011 when the World Niche was launched in the garage of the family home.  Along came a friend of a friend that offered the chance of using some of his warehouse space in Kings Norton. This didn’t last long and it wasn’t long before I needed to find a new home for World Niche. The increase in stock meant returning to the family garage was not an option so I turned to local business centre’s to find a cost effective business premises.

The decision to move into Imex business centre in 2011 was a relatively simple one, an affordable office with space for stock close to home with room for growth. It was this room that seen World Niche move again to a bigger office in 12 months and then within another 12 months take on two more store rooms for stock as the office was not big enough alone.

In June 2014 the biggest decision yet was made and World Niche took the plunge and moved again into a small warehouse remaining on the Imex site. Unit A8 was the answer to our storage issues and with the installation of a mezzanine floor meant we had plenty of room to store more stock.

It took longer than previously but we still managed to outgrow the storage and unit in Imex business centre and with the landlord increasing the rent and service charge at a rate of knots faster than a speedboat we had to look for an alternative premises.

In January 2018 we started moving into our new warehouse Unit 11 Howard Road , Redidtch. We’ve spent the last 4 months decorating and preparing the warehouse for some big changes World Niche has planned in the near future.

World Niche plans to open it’s doors to the general public will encourage more walk in customers to come and visit the warehouse to take advantage of some great bargains. In just 3 short months the chance in the warehouse has been unbelievable.

Keep watching for the latest news and see special launch promotions!







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Does the ICO help and protect criminals?

ICO protecting lowlife scum

Does the ICO help and protect lowlife that steal from companies and allow them to hide behind a privacy policy?

The ICO, Information Commissioner’s Office is “The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals”.

The idea is brief is a good idea but it comes at a price for all businesses and any company that suffers at the hands of lying thieving scumbags for the ICO also helps these scumbags hide behind privacy policies. It’s all one way traffic in the UK these days with no protection or help if you suffer at the hands of one of these scumbags. The ICO will help the thief be forcing any details of the individual to be removed.

By aiding and abetting these lowlife the ICO are stopping legitimate businesses from warning other businesses of the actions of a few unsavoury few that insist on behaving like a common thief.

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Bargain Paint Tipton Tony Preece

Bargain Paint – Tipton – Tony Preece 07532606227 / 07465890286


Having moved warehouse to a new location I wanted to get some floor paint to give the new place a lick of paint. I looked around for local paint suppliers and found Bargain Paints based in Tipton.

Here is what happened when I used bargain paints and my warning to other people not to use them!

I Replied to an advert on GumTree for paint advertising it 10 litres for £35.

I called and was told he could deliver the same day. Great. I gave my address and waited for the delivery.

Soon the paint arrived ad this is when it went downhill. I Was then told the colour I wanted was £45 not £35 like the advert.

When he delivered the paint I was told he didn’t have the paint I wanted at £45 but he had some more expensive paint for £55 that was the same but was fast drying. Guaranteed me it would be dry and “cured” in 4 hours. I stupidly paid £20 more than the advert. The paint took 3 days to dry and I couldn’t enter my warehouse for 3 days because of it.

After several ignored phone calls they eventually answered and promised to call me back the next day to change the paint claiming it must have been a faulty batch.

Another broken promise as I never got the phone call and the paint was never changed.

Avoid this company like the plaque! unless you want to get ripped off like myself.

Update: During late February I contacted the owner of Bargain Paints Tony Preece via gumtree and after exchanging several emails he agreed to refund my money. He actually seemed genuine and said he did not know of any problems with the paint, he even denied selling me the paint but still agreed to a refund. As I said he seemed genuine so I sent him my bank details for the refund but as with my previous experience he did nothing and I still got no refund.

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Be prepared and ready to lose money with eBay

Walk this way to hear our experience

We have been forced by the ICO to update this article and remove some of the personal details of the thief and low life scum that abused the eBay protection service to steal from us and get a free product.

This article has been written to elaborate a little on the joys of trying to run a business and put food on the table for your children and just how difficult it can be when you have difficult customers, dishonest thieves that will stoop to all sorts of levels to get free products.

It will share the experiences of customers and include the down falls of selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. It will highlight the sad truth on how difficult it is to run a legitimate honest business.

It was in October 2017 when the lowlife thief decided to purchase a fancy dress costume. This scumbag purchased the Slenderman Morphsuit costume. Slenderman Morphsuits for people that are not aware they are quite a popular costumes to parties like Halloween parties etc.

After a few days the said thief emailed us to report a problem with the costume. We explained we had no further stock to replace the one he had so requested he returned the costume to us. It took him over a week to return the costume. During the week it was Halloween (see my point above about popular costumes).

So we received the costume back from said thief and when we opened the package we were absolutely disgusted. The scum had quite clearly worn the costume over a long period of time as the costume was dirty and was still inside out on the fingers where someone couldn’t even be bothered to take the costume off properly. The costume smelt like it had been worn. We took some pictures of the condition of the costume below.


We contacted the customer and explained we could not accept his return as the costume had clearly been worn and was dirty.

His told us the costume was for his little brother and he had not worn the costume although not believable didn’t make much of a difference. Whoever had been wearing the costume has clearly worn it over a period of time and the state of the costume was disgusting. We can no longer sell the item and would have to return it or bin it.

The customer then opened a return request on eBay where we uploaded these pictures and explained the issue again refusing to accept the return of the disgusting way the costume has been worn and returned.

eBay automatically accepted the return and automatically took the money from our account and gave it back. By doing this any customer gets a completely free costume to wear for whatever party he likes and walks away trouble free. As a company World Niche lose out financially and overall a lot worse off.

The price of the item was  £22.99 From this we had to pay the £4 delivery fee and 5% eBay and 5% Paypal fees.  (£2.29 +£4 £6.29 total) From the remaining £16.70 we have to cover the packaging costs, wages etc.

So ebay have taken £22.99 back from us but remembering we have already paid out £6.29 the total loss is now increased to  £29.28 On top of this we can no longer sell the product which has now been binned.

Luckily majority of eBay users and buyers are decent people but there are a few people that use eBay that are dishonest disgusting tramps and no more than common thieves. Knowing how to abuse the eBay system. The eBay customer guarantee program is in place for genuine honest customers and is being totally abused by a number of people to gain free products at the cost of sellers.

I’ll let you all decide which category you think this customer falls into.