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M models MM Models Birmingham – ignit3 Talent Derby – Momco Warrington / Manchester – The Studio Leeds – Model agency scam

Scam modelling agency scam

MM Models – Ignit3 Talent – Momco – Scam – The web of lies and the truth unveiled

I hope you’re sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee or something stronger.

The following information is a first hand experience of M Models and the web of lies and false promises offered.

We will uncover lots of information relating to the owners of the companies involved and will give you all of the information we have found on the people and how they are all tie in together and point to the main man in the scam at the front of M Models, Ricky!

Our experience with M Models, Birmingham model agency. NOW MM Models / Court Yard Studios. 

In May 2019 (remember this date for later) search was done by my girlfriend for a modelling agency locally to take her daughter to. For the Purpose of this article I will refer to her as Miss A.

From the search results returned a website called CastingT.

After sending off an email and we shortly had a response and was referred to a modelling agency called M Models based in Birmingham at The Big Peg, Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6NF. The following websites and details link to M Models. Check online the poor reviews of this company., & &

London HQ – 0203 916 5848 – Manchester HQ – 0161 362 4424 – Bucharest HQ – +403 1630 6188


I have been informed that M MODELS have been kicked out of the Big Peg in Birmingham and moved to a new address locally in Birmingham. 

They are also using a name Court Yard Studios.

The new address for M Models is: Bradford court Business Centre , Bradford street, Digbeth , Birmingham, B12 0NS.

They have also updated there company name to MM Models. This domain was only registered on 14 October 2019.


See the update at the bottom of the page for more information. 

We got a appointment with M Models over the next few days offering us a free photo shoot and an opportunity for them to see if Miss A had the right tools for the job. We turned up and the building was a high rise big building with offices called the Big Peg. We found the right floor but was a bit surprised, apart from office numbers M Models was the only company with no “name plate” showing the company name. It was by pure luck we bumped into a lady that was already there and had gone out to visit the toilet. She showed us where to go.

We went in and filled in some registration forms, waited around for other people there to have photos taken and before long we was whisked into a studio where Miss A had several photos taken. 10 minutes later we were back in the waiting room and was told that the owner was currently sending the photos that were just taken to several modelling agencies to see if they like the pictures.

20-30 minutes later and we was ushered into a small room and introduced to a man calling himself the owner, Ricky. He flattered us and gave us the spiel on how one of the modelling agencies had seen Miss A previously and wanted more. He said he had sent the pictures taken to several modeling agencies. Ricky explained that he and his company was not a model agency but they were more of an agent that put our details forward to modelling agencies. Ricky was very convincing in this role and totally believable. His manor and actions were relaxed. At this point we had no reason to think there was anything different than what we was being told.

Ricky told us her had sent Miss A’s picture to several agencies and had got several replies. The reason we was kept waiting outside for so long was due to the conversations taking place inside this room between Ricky and all the modelling agencies that was fighting to get Miss A on board after seeing a few sample pictures. Ricky laid out his plans and what he does as a company. He told us that he would NEVER take on a new potential model if at least three modelling agencies all wanted the model to be registered with them. As luck would have it out of the agencies Ricky had contacted it turns out at least 4 of them wanted Miss A! Ricky explain that we had 2 options and also explained what he did for the money. He offered us two options, an UK option with our details being sent to 30 modelling agencies in the UK that he worked with closely. He would only put our details forward to the agencies that had potential. This option cost £300. The other option was basically the same but Miss A’s details and images were apparently passed onto hundreds of agencies around Europe and this option cost £600. He suggested we did not go to this option as we would have to much work and it would involve to much travelling around Europe, due to Miss A’s age and schooling it was not recommended. He suggested the £300 option would be a good option. He told us we would also get a free website for the £300 which we could have control of and manage ourselves. All of this process is a bit rush and under pressure against the clock. 

We thought about this for a few minutes and discussed the options given to us and decided to take him up on his offer of the £300 UK option. A few forms later signed and we had signed up with M Models and Ricky. Later after speaking to our credit card company it was pointed out in the small print the document we signed at the time was just a receipt accepting that the £300 fee was actually us paying for the “free” images that was taken that day and the signature was confirming we had received the photo’s and agreed to the charge.

The next process happened quickly. Within a couple of hours we had emails from three different agencies. Momco, Ignit3 modelling and Fusion model management. All offering us to go and take Miss A for an introduction meeting. The emails from Ignite3, Momco and Fusion arrived really fast. These three agencies were the three agencies that Ricky said he had send the pictures to and they all wanted to take Miss A onto there books.

These are the details of each company including the directors details.

Ignit3 Talent

IGNIT3 TALENT, Studio 3.11e, Citibase, Laurie House, Colyear St, Derby. DE1 1LA
Telephone: 01332 899550 | Email:

Ignit3 was Incorporated on 21 May 2019. The director is listed as Amar Singh DHANJAL. Born October 1997.


International House
61 Mosley Street
M2 3HZ
Incorporation Date: 2018-12-04

6 Adamson Court, Clarence Road, Warrington, United Kingdom, WA42PH
December 1989 4 December


Company number 07620988
88 Wood Street, London
Incorporated on 4 May 2011 Company status: Liquidation

So following on from the emails to contact all three of these modelling agencies we was contacted and invited to go to the offices of each of these agencies. Firstly we went to the offices of Momco and was told how Miss A had so much potential they would give us lots of work because she “had what it takes”. A £99 registration fee was paid to Momco to join the agency on 5th June 2019

We then took a drive to Derby on 13 June 2019 and also paid £200 to ignit3 Talent for the registration of Miss A. Also, Miss A’s sibling Mr B was also present and after an interview they confirmed they also wanted to sign him up because they had work opportunities for both.  

That evening we had the following email confirmation from Ignit3 Talent. THIS IS WHERE there suspicion started and alarm bells started to ring.ignit3 talent email

Check out both Momco and ignit3 names on the email.

Check the email above from Ignit3 and you will see it says Kind Regards, The MOMCO team!!!

Our hearts sank as we realised there was something massively dodgy about this whole situation and the realisation that we had been conned into handing over £600 to some fake lying agencies started to sink in. 

At this point I think it’s worth pointing out that there was an appointment set up for a meeting in London with FUSION Management limted. We looked into the company and the company Fusion Management at the time was actually in Liquidation

So what happened next?

Over the course of the next few weeks we contacted each of the agencies and requested full refunds  from each of them. 

We requested the following refunds. 

M Models, Birmingham £300

Momco, Warrington £100

Ignit3, Derby £200

All three requests were declined.

We raised a chargeback via the credit card companies but this is where the small print kicks in.

All of the companies that was paid via credit card sucessfully defended the chargeback based on a single technical detail. (Remember earlier in this article). The paper work we was rushed to sign stated that the £300 was a receipt for the photo’s that were taken that day. The paperwork suggests that we have received copies of the images and this is what the £300 is actually for. No mention whatsoever of any contract or the service of supplying agencies with the models details.  

Another technical wording difference can be found on the websites of all of these companies. The following phrase / line can be found. 

We are not an employment agency nor do we claim to be

Basically the law in the UK means ANY LEGITIMATE modelling agencies as actually classed as an employment agencie and have to follow specific rules and laws. By stating they are not an employment agency these companies are not only contradicting the company and services they provide but ultimately giving themselves a loop hole / get out clause for when an unsuspecting person like us loses money and tries to get it back. 

Right now you might be asking the same quetsions I was and you might be searching for some answers right? You might be asking yourself how can I make the claims I have made in this article. Well continue reading below and I will explain how I put together this whole network of lies and fake modelling agenicies set up purely to prey on and scam / defraud vulnerable people. 

I also found several other reviews about this company confirming to me this was a scam. M Models  modelling agency SCAM 

So lets look in some further details at these comapnies, there websites and there services and let me explain how I confirmed the single big scammer behind the entire web of lies and fraud. 

The person / company behind registering this domain name for M Models have chosen to HIDE there details from the public register. 


So I did a check on the website ( M MODELS)  and found the following information. 

The software used to create this website is the leading 


For those that do not understand these details I what these details mean. Some of the information is self explanitory. 

The person behind this website has used the company Unlimited Web Hosting to registar the domain name and also Host the web site. The name servers are basically the link in the back ground that tells your browser which IP address and which server to point all visitor to.

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 06-Oct-2018
Expiry date: 06-Oct-2020
Last updated: 26-Sep-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

More M Model websites: – Registrant Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY – There is however a note in the registration details suggesting there is a company called Photon Promotions is a registrar. A quick 2 minute search and I found the following information. 

Registered office address – 130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD
Company status – Active — Active proposal to strike off
Company type – Private limited Company
Incorporated on – 26 June 2018

Photon Promotions limited has only been incorporated for a short time. The owner KHAN, Zulfqar Ahmed has hidden his real address behind the company. 

The website only registered in January 2019 funnily enough points to the same nameservers ( as (M Models)

Domain: –
Registered On: -2019-01-15
Expires On: -2020-01-15
Updated On: 2019-01-15
Name Servers:
Lets look a little closer.  the studio is based in Manchester. 
First Floor
Unit 2 & 3, Eurohouse
1 Overbridge Road
M7 1SL

The phone number also registered to a company called overbridge studio. There website is registered to:

Registry Admin ID:


Name Server: & Name Server:

The contact details for Photo Promotions also direct to a different domain name: 

And believe it or not this domain has the following registration information. 


Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 24-Oct-2018

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 24-Oct-2018
Expiry date: 24-Oct-2019
Last updated: 24-Oct-2018

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Same details as M Models. 

I noticed that some domains and websites also seen to be registered by a company called Mesh Digital and hosted on a different server. This seems to be the case for many domains and websites registered and created more recently. It also gets interesting as the domain MODELBOOKINGSONLINE.COM which belongs to M Models and is emailed with there details is also documented as the owner and registered registrant for this domain. 

Domain Name: MODELBOOKINGSONLINE.COM also belongs to M Models.


Registrant Organization: Photon Promotions is another domain owned by M Models. The registration details are now clearly being hidden. 

Registrant Name: Identity Protection Service

Registrant Organization: Identity Protect Limited

But what gives it away so much is the following information.

Registrar: Mesh Digital Limited

Name Server:

Name Server:

Mesh digital is part of a huge company in the UK that provides domain registration and hosting services.

The next twist – Gathering evidence

As you can see from the information above there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that all of these domains are being operated by one single place /company / person / scammer. 

So what more information do I have. 

Well remember Ignit3 Talent? Guess what…..

Ignit3 talent

The Whois report for Ignit3 Talent confirms the domain and website have been registered by the same company and point to the same nameservers. 

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was not able to match the registrant’s name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 16-May-2019

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 16-May-2019
Expiry date: 16-May-2020
Last updated: 16-May-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Who Next? Momco

So then I looked at Momco whois information and found the following information. 

momco whois report

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 26-Nov-2018

Unlimited Web Hosting UK t/a Unlimited Web Hosting UK Ltd [Tag = UNLIMITED]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 26-Nov-2018
Expiry date: 26-Nov-2019
Last updated: 26-Nov-2018

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

The company Momco also have this website (momcompany whois report)

momcompany whois

Another point to note that suggests these companies are all the same scam is the software used to create all of there websites. 

All of these domains and companies are using the same software called It’s software designed for modelling agencies.

All of the scam web sites I have been looking into are the same graphical design layouts with the same cookie notification etc. 

So looking around the internet for similar websites and similar complaints about the same scam I found a number of web sites that should be noted. 

Check out the following web sites that I have found on the internet. 

They all link together by the same phone numbers and / or locations. All websites have similar bad reviews and have been scamming people based on the reviews I have found online. I find it to much of a coincidence that all of these websites have been designed using the same software, registered by the same company. Hosted on the same servers. Graphically look very similar. 



Name Server:

Name Server:

See how similar the websites are:


Registrar WHOIS Server:

Name Server:

Name Server:

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 04-Jan-2019

Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]
URL: (a part of mesh digital)

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 04-Jan-2019
Expiry date: 04-Jan-2020
Last updated: 04-Jan-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Name Server:
Name Server:

Domain name:

Data validation:
Nominet was not able to match the registrant’s name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 27-Feb-2017

Heart Internet Ltd t/a Heart Internet [Tag = HEARTINTERNET]
URL: (a part of mesh digital)

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 27-Feb-2017
Expiry date: 27-Feb-2020
Last updated: 27-Feb-2019

Registration status:
Registered until expiry date.

Name servers:

The conclusion and how it all fits together

So by now you’re probably either bored.. fallen asleep.. or just damn tired and want to know how I have managed to piece this all together to prove that these websites all belong to Ricci Martin of M Models.

Firstly the evidence above is pretty conclusive. All of the websites for all of the companies are  linked and operated by the same person. This is not a small company operating a small scam. This is a big multi building with many people all involved with the scam. Running offices up and down the country. Registering limited companies. Building multiple websites. The financial rewards must be huge for the guys to build the network they have.

Read on and let me explain how these websites and companies all point back to the original source. 

So lets take this back right to the beginning. 

Where did I get the details from for M Models?

CastingTalent – –

Let’s take a look at the details for this website. 

Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Registrant Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
Registrant City: Nassau
Registrant State/Province: New Providence
Registrant Postal Code: 
Registrant Country: BS
Registrant Phone: +1.5163872248

So, a quick search online and I found the website and company castingT is actually based here: 

The Big Peg, Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6NF

This is the SAME address as M MODELS.

I checked the whois information for CastingT and they all point to the USA. This was slightly confusing but I’m not a fool. This has obviously been done to throw people off the scent of a scam. so I continued looking into castingT and found the following. 

Advertising there UK offices on the website that is hosted in the USA and registered to a state in the USA but also leaving on details in there terms that the charges are in $. A conflicting bit of information. 

casting T UK offices

I checked out more information and found the castingT web site is listed as being owned by a company called M Jax ltd



The following information has been taked from companies house.

M JAX LTD Company number 09228894

Registered office address
32 Brook House Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD

CHERRY, Ann Lesley

Correspondence address
32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD
Role ACTIVE: Director
Date of birth: July 1956
Appointed on: 22 September 2014

So basically the own of CastingT (Ann Cherry) is registered to 32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD.  

If you look at the bottom of the CastingT website there is a link to the company that designed the web site called IDA. It stands for Inky Design Agency Limited so lets take a little look at the company behind the design of website.  


So we took a lok into Inky Design Agency Ltd and it appears there is a couple of companies called Inky Design Agency. All have a very similar logo. I’m guessing our scammers have copied the other company name and logo to create some confusion around which company is actually a legitimate company and which company. Lets concentrate on the company and website linking from as his is going to be the company were interested in. 

Here is the details from the whois registrar. 

Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Registrant Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
Registrant City: Nassau
Registrant State/Province: New Providence
Registrant Postal Code: 
Registrant Country: BS
Registrant Phone: +1.5163872248
Registrant Phone Ext: 

I’m not surerised to see the same registration details as the website as the same company has made this website also. In true scammer fashion IDK have again chosen to hide there details using a privacy service and withheld there company details. 

INKYDESIGNAGENCY.COM has details on there website of the registered company to the below address. You can see the company is hiding behind a PO box address.

15. Our Details
The full name of our company is Inky Design Agency LTD.

Our registered address is:

Inky Design Agency
Office 2834
PO Box 6945
United Kingdom

According to companies house the owners of Inky Design Agency Ltd was Rich Martin. (Ricci Martin)


Rich Martin also hides his address in the companies house registration details. 

Correspondence address: PO Box 694, Office 2834, PO BOX 694, London, England, W1A 6US

Interesting points is that the company IDK was dissolved in 2016 and no longer active yet the company website is very much still active and trading. 

So is there other website which confirms the owners of INK DESIGN / CASTING T / M MODELS are all the same people. 

Registrant Contact
Name: Domain Admin
Organization: Whois Privacy Corp.
Street: Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Street
City: Nassau
Phone: +1.5163872248


On this website the contact page confirms the address details to be 32 Brook House, Brook Street, Tipton, England, DY4 9DD.

This is the same address as Ann Cherry the reported director of


There you have it. In black and white. The owners of M MODELS and the CastingT are all the same people. 

I will be taking all of this information to the police fraud department with the hope that the find it useful and will use this information to bring down the people behind this scam. I’m under no illusion that these name and people that have registered these businesses are just aliases and the real culprits are probably sitting behind them.

I know the article was long winded and congratulations if you made it all the way to the end but this whole scam is long winded with a lot of time and effort going into fooling people into thinking all of these agnecies are legitimate and real agencies. 

If this article stops just one more person losing another penny to these complete and utter low lifes then it’s been worth the endless hours I’ve spent

looking into these and creating this review of our experience and how £600 was lost to these scammers. 

Update – 

The new address for M Models is: Bradford court Business Centre , Bradford street, Digbeth , Birmingham, B12 0NS.

They have also updated there company name to MM Models.

This domain was only registered on 14 October 2019. See below for more information. 


mm model


The following information has been given to me by another parent scammed by MM Models.

The following information is unconfirmed and has not any experience I have had. 

Online Booking Team – 07307724369 Contact: tabz

The following person is reportedly working for MM Models. His name is Wayne Scott Fox.

Apparently he is a DJ in Birmingham as well. 

I did have a picture of this person but the picture did not belong to me but if you would like to go to his public facebook profile and see the same picture you can do here.


Do we did a bit more digging into the company behind MM Models in Digbeth. 

The money that was Paid to M / MM Model was actually paid to a company called Promotional Workz Limited.



The director of This company is listed as FARNELL, Anthony

Anthony Farnell is apparently a director of another company in Manchester. It goes a small distance to explaining the connections to the dodgy photo agencies up north in Mancheser etc. 




Update 12 November: Today I had an email from MM Models threatening me to take down the article or they will be forced to publish there own blog in reply to this blog. 

Below is the paraphrased email I got today. 

=================Start email======================
From: Max:
Subject: Model portfolio

Message Body:

We are contacting you regarding the blog on your company website world niche.
You are obviously very upset with the 300 pound you spent for the 30 excellent pictures and the website for your daughter.
This we find very odd as you are very happy with the images taken on the day.
* You have them on the world niche face book
* You have them on your own social media
* In fact you even posted a link to the website on your world niche website.
We have screen shot these for our own blog if we are pushed to post it.

Can you please explain what the problem is and who with ?
You are posting photographs of local DJ,s claiming they are part of a scam.
There are several names you mention that are also part of a scam which again is untrue.

To my knowledge you have paid 5.50 per photograph plus approx 100 for a website which you dearly love as the screen shots show.
So what is the issue ?
=============End email =============
There was actually a bit more of the email but nothing more than threats to write negative reviews for my website if I do not remove the article. 
My response:

You are obviously very upset with the 300 pound you spent for the 30 excellent pictures and the website for your daughter.

Who said the photo’s was excellent? I have not mentioned anywhere that the photo’s taken on the day was excellent. 

This we find very odd as you are very happy with the images taken on the day. Again, where have I said I was very happy???

If I was very happy I would not have requested a refund. If I was very happy I would not have contacted my bank to issue a chargeback for the £300 you took for a missold product. 

* You have them on the world niche face book Correct
* You have them on your own social media Correct
* In fact you even posted a link to the website on your world niche website. Correct. 

Yes I have a link to the portfolio and I think maybe 10 of the images out of all the images you took was actually usuable and have been put onto a social media site. What do you expect someone to do with these pictures now I have them and you refused a refund. I would have gladly given you the images back, deleted every single copy and removed any of them from any social media platform if you had agreed to the refund. Not to mention the fact that these pictures was actually posted to these platforms before we knew this whole set up was a scam. 

We have screen shot these for our own blog if we are pushed to post it. Well done. 

Can you please explain what the problem is and who with ? You must be a complete moron if you need me to answer that question!. 
You are posting photographs of local DJ,s claiming they are part of a scam. Yes, again true. It has been reported they have been a part of your scam in your latest office. Unconfirmed to me of course but any information I think others may find useful will be made available. 
There are several names you mention that are also part of a scam which again is untrue.  What is not true? The scam or the people involved?

So you’re admitting this is a scam but saying the people I have named are not a part of it? I’m confused??

To my knowledge you have paid 5.50 per photograph plus approx 100 for a website which you dearly love as the screen shots show.
So what is the issue ?

Maths at school really isn’t your strong subject is it max? Maybe you forgot but 2 minutes earlier you told me I paid £300 for 30 images. Meaning the images cost me £10 each. Now I’m suddenly paying £5.50 per picture because i’m being ripped off for £100 towards a website that’s not been used since the day you scammers set it up. 


Update: 19 December 2019

So at the start of November the owner of Ignit3 Talent contacted me via facebook and started up a conversation in order to try to clear his and Ignit3 Talents name.  His name and email 

Amar Dhanjal :

During the conversation Dhanjal denied having any records of taking any money from us for the registration of two children. Eventually he claimed to have found the records but because we paid cash  £100 each (£200) he said he was on holiday at the time and could not confirm ignit3 talent had had any money because aparently the people working there took the money and he never got it. 

I was offerent a refund by Dhanjal and the opportunity to keep both kids on Ignit3 Talents records to be put forward for work and castings. 

Dhanjal claims Ignit3 Talent got involved with a silent partner and they was the ones responsible for the issues everyone experienced. He offered me the chance to travel from Worcestershire to his office in Derby to tell me all about the people involved. 

His offer of a refund changed to a offer to refund just a single registration fee (£100). I refused to travel such a distance to discuss this but offered him my time of a phone call to explain everything he seemed so desperate to tell me. 

The outcome? Dhanjal ignored all future email and the refund never happened (to date 19 December). 

My opinion: another load of lies from the scam model agency in Derby Ignit2 talent



Known websites and aliases / companies assocciated with M Models. 

M Models

Online booking team


Fusion management

Ignit3 talant

MM Models

Managing models –

Court yard studios


Update: August 2020

Now we’re slowly coming out of lockdown the scammers behind the model agency scams are again searching for marks. They are tagetting the vulnerable and I have now been given more information  about another location these are working from. I have previously is

The location is: Leeds Photography Studio, Topcliffe Mills Topcliffe Lane Morley Leeds LS27 0HL.

Yet again the domain registration is hidden but the following details are available. 

Registrar:Tucows Domains Inc.
Registered On:2019-01-14
Expires On:2021-01-14
Updated On:2020-01-04
Name Servers:

As you can the pattern is the same. The same company used to register the domain. The same company used to host the domain. 

Another website linked to these scames is

The dodgy fake looking review site is also registered to the following details. 

Mesh Digital Limited
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:
Registrant Contact
Emily Newall
Gt Manchester
Raw Whois Data
Domain Name:
Registrar WHOIS Server:

Notice how its the same pattern  of domain registratino and domain hosting used by the people behind these websites. 

So here are the main contacts to be wary of and stay away from as they will scam you and keep your money leaving you with no modelling work and no money!

0161 726 5645

0113 871 5962


07729252988 – Allie, The booking team.

One of the companies behind the scam appearing on bank statements is Square Promotions Ltd:





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  1. Did u pay any costs plz

  2. I myself came to M Models a few months ago and was seen by an advisor called David, he was very helpful and truthful regarding the industry and has help me sign to various agencies who I have received various work opportunities. Not sure who this ricki is you mention in your post but maybe you saw the wrong person?

    1. I’ve recently signed up to this place and payed £500 to start the model school and my photos have been sent to agencies world wide but now I have read this I am worried about what to do because I don’t want to get scammed. The work u got from them was it paid ?

      1. You won’t get paid. This is a scam. You have lost your money 🙁

        1. New website very nearly got me but it’s the same phone number as posted above.

          I’m really sad as I genuinely thought I got very lucky!

    2. Hi Wayne how much paid work have you received from David

      1. I’ve done 3 jobs in 2 months so far, the first wasn’t very well paid and I received £220 for a full days work. The 2nd and 3rd jobs i worked on I got paid £350 for each of them. I’ve also been to various castings as well including hollyoaks but I didn’t get it 🙁

        1. What’s that got to do with this article?
          You obviously dont get the work from Mmodels lol

          1. I don’t think you’ve read my previous comment George….

          2. Wayne obviously works for M Models or is in with the scam.

            You will not get any work. Wayne is unable to prove he has had any work from the scammers.

          3. Do you know if there is a way of getting the money back? I too signed up to ignite and fusion through being a model .com

    3. I do not believe this at all.

      Unless you can send me proof of this work and your claims then it is not true.

    4. So have done some modeling work for them all ready

  3. There is still no proof of any claims of work yet many reviews of none other than bad reviews and scams for the people.

  4. Hello have you taken this to the police yet? I have become victim to them too and will be reporting it tomorrow morning, it’s very sad that they pray on people who have real jobs and families to take care of, I took my 3 month old son for the photo shoot so they knew I needed my money for him, it’s so sick. Anyway thanks for this just wish I’d saw it sooner

    1. Yes. This has been taken to the police. All of this information has been handed over to the national fraud department. A full report has been given to them.

    2. I got stung today! With my 7 month old baby! I had a feeling it wasnt legit, only wish I had trust my gut and of course researched more! I even told David that I was on maternity, so currently not earning! I dont know how these people sleep at night, scamming innocent people!

      1. I did exactly the same when my baby was 6months old. It was a year ago now and still makes me feel sick when I think about it.

    3. Same with me.
      I also went to Leeds studio photography for the shoot. I paid £300 and they told me my pictures had been sent to Dynamite models and Fusion management. Recently Dynamite models ringed me and said they wish to work with me and I have to pay a one year contract fee. I declined because the 300 was enough. I took that from my savings so I could achieve my dream. This is really sad to hear. I wish I had seen this earlier 😪

  5. Im so glad Ive come across this, Just checking the Bham office, is it the Jewelerry quarter ? They have asked to see my 15 year old daughter and I was going to go next week….

    1. Please do not fall for any of the lies if you go but from my own personal experience and looking through the long list of reviews left on the internet for these people I woud NOT go and steer clear.

  6. It’s has been really interesting ready your finding, unfortunately we got scammed and I would like to no what the police have to say thanks

  7. please don’t fall for this!
    I have already lost £200 with them and I have an appointment on Monday to see an agency who again are asking for £100 from me!
    please don’t get scammed like we all just did. only if I had done my research slightly sooner.

    3 agencies have got back to me and all are requesting £100 to join them.

    The photographer is a paid agency he has no idea about what’s going on.
    he has been paid to come in do his jobs and leave with some cash.

    its funny, as I was sat in the waiting room thr was some these 2 couple with there few month old baby.
    Ricky walks past and is heading towards the office door and these fella sat in the waiting room says” hey since when have u been working here, I didn’t know you worked here”.
    these both knew each other they talked for sometime and let them be, while Ricky had other jobs to get on with. but its funny these 2 knew each other but he had no idea of Ricky having a business, or worked here? quite strange his doing all this very low key thinking no one will find out!
    what steps shall we take from here????
    any suggestions?
    we cant let this carry on?

  8. I had the same exzact same thing happen and the same 3 company’s that we have signed up to took money off us only in start if October. It felt like reading this was me and my partner. I will be taking this to the fraud people. Wish I had seen this sooner

  9. My 14 yr old daughter applied online( with our consent) and i was contacted by M Models and given an appointment at the Big Peg studio in Birmingham. We were told she would need 3 outfits for the shoot and it was totally free. On our arrival we were shown in through the back of the building and up a lift, 2nd maybe 3rd floor. I remember thinking how small the office was but as i have never been to one before i let it slip. There were several people also waiting. We were called in to the “studio” where 2 males were taking photos of potential “models”. After a dozen or so photos we were back into the waiting room waiting to see Ricky. He took us into a VERY small office and explained how he’d sent the photos out and out of the 5, 3 were interested. Momco, Fusion and Ignit3. Then came the talk of money…..£500 to send the photos globally, £350 to send in the UK to 30 possible companies or £250 to send to the 3 that were interested. Having explained that I’m on benefits and didnt have the money with me as i was told initially that IT WAS FREE, Ricky said that he couldn’t hold the offer open as by law he couldn’t keep copies of what they had taken as there was no contract. We left feeling heartbroken but glad my daughter had the experience. 2 days later, i received an email from Fusion saying they still wanted to meet Kayleigh and we should call to arrange an appointment in London, which we was going to do, until the same afternoon we had a similar email from Ignit3. We chose the second one as it’s only 20 minutes away from where we live. We got there and met a really nice young man called Blessin. He drew us in by saying M Models had asked for a ridiculous amount of money, YES there was a joining fee with them but a VERY REASONABLE amount and that he would work closely with Kayleigh to make sure she applied for all the work possible. When i said she had no previous experience and so no portfolio, he got up on the screen the exact photos M Models had taken the week before. Still non the wiser we handed over £150 for a 2 yr contract. This was around 4 months ago and surprise surprise….. NO WORK. I really dont know what to do now so any advice will be gratefully received

  10. How are we supposed to know the real from the fake I took my son to identity management, I paid 2000. The portfolio was fab. Every mother loves seeing there child looking there best we was told my son will get lots of work and he will have a manager , told me my son would be a free lance, Commercial model.he looks like he has models all his life the lady we saw Shana was so nice to my son, we got so many calls from people saying my son as been chosen to come have photos . I told them all we have a fab portfolio. Some told us yes but this is the next step so I went to M Model in Birmingham. Some lovely pics, went in the room with the guy. I was shocked, he praised my son said he going to do well. He is a natural , then he asked me for £500 pounds, I said sorry I can’t afford it. I’ve got a fab portfolio from London £2000 . The guy said £2000 you have been scammed, I said but I love my portfolio.and Sharma told us there not an agency there a platform. So I phoned Aiden my son’s manager, because the guy in Birmingham, made me worry because my son is 17, an I want to make sure he is safe in the modeling world. This guy was swearing and telling my son we got scammed and he will give us a deal much better for £500 and send my son to cat walk lessons every Sunday. I said I can’t come to Birmingham every Sunday, then later when I got home I had so many companies phoning saying they had pictures sent of my son. Well I never gave that man in Birmingham a penny. He wanted £500 but I said we wasn’t told we had to pay . We left without the nice pictures, he said he will let us think about it, Then I got a call from fusion models. They said there an agency they would just like to interview my son, they said he has been short listed. So I said will you give me till the end of the month, they said yes we won’t rush you, so it’s end of this month, people kept congratulating my son. Then the man that phoned me Kingsley. I got him on the phone, and the number was where I had my son portfolio done in London. They congratulated my son, I could not get Kingsley on the phone he was always busy, So I read things like this and worry because I want it to be true for my son to believe there is good people in the world, you are beautiful have faith in people, especially have trust and faith in yourself, because I hope the true good people win the prize of earning a living with a very special talent handsome trustworthy, heart of gold hard working, young man, because good will always beat evil in the end.

    1. All of the “agencies” you have mentioned are scams. They are telling you what you want to hear so you part with your money. Real agencies like you to apply with nice clear photos taken off your phone, a lot don’t like professional photos! You don’t need a portfolio. Do not pay anymore money out to these people, your details have been passed on to lots of scam companies so ignore them all and find reputable ones. Always read reviews

  11. Hang on your daughter is on the world niche website and face book page with the pictures and website taken at the studio ?
    Why are you so upset ??

    1. Yes you’re quite right. These pages was set up at the start before we knew the M MODELS was a scam.

      I’m guessing they will still be there as I have not removed the links or taken down the page but your observational skills are quite good max. It’s a shame you guys don’t put more effort into the customers you rip off.

      If you reply about the comment and related I will repsond. Anything off topic relating to the worldniche website will deleted. This issue is nothing to do with worlniche website. This is just a platform for me to write the article.

      and in response to the comment I just deleted you’re full of crap. I did not buy images. That is exactly what is written in the small print on the paperwork nobody is reading and nobody is being shown. Nobody is told about the images and what they’re buying. Just sold a dream about how much work you got and how many agencies want them.. when in reality the only agencies wanting them are more dodgy agencies set up in conjuction with yourself to scam more money out of people.

      It’s clear as day. You can argue all you like. everyone knows the truth.

  12. M Models / MM Models are absolutely awful!! So many people getting scammed. I urge everyone to do your research before parting with your hard earned money. There’s plenty of reputable agencies out there and children do NOT need portfolios! Apply with clear photos taken off your phone, passport style.
    Good agencies include – Little All Stars, Drama MOB, Urban Angels, Rebel19, Tiny Angels, Lacara.. To name a few!

    1. Hi I’ve just come back from that “modelling agency” . What I can say…. thanks god I didn’t pay them any money… they’ve asked me for a 500£ I made them clear that I would pay only after I’ve got a job! After that they show me my way… lost all day and money for travel… I feel sorry for people who lost so much in this scam… how come this agency are still functioning?! Looks like they were scamming people for a wile…

  13. Went to a place at the Bradford Court Business Centre and was told to go to Court Yard Studio. Is this the same place does anyone know? Paid £400 for 55+ pictures, website & everything. Had an email today from a company called Icons Talent Agency based in Derby. Anyone heard of them? Also, did you say that there was a loop hole into getting the money back?

    1. Claims for getting money back from a CC are being “miss sold” but also the law changed recently to give you a cooling off period and to cancel the agreement for a refund. Look into this and use this to get a refund.

      1. Hey! Just wanted to confirm after doing lots of research we’ve now had it confirmed that they are now known as ‘Court Yard Studios’

        1. Are Tiny Angels, Scallywags & Charlie’s Angels legit, my daughter has been suggested to ring them after taking her baby son to a photo shoot at MM Models, Courtyard Studios in Digbeth Birmingham

    2. Hi Stacey

      Same thing for me too. Had a model shoot at that location in Birmingham Saturday just gone and got response from Icons Talent Agency also.

      I also ended up paying £400 to set up portfolio and website (although I didnt get 50+ photos! so lucky you) thinking that everything is legit. I still hope thats the case!


  14. MM Models based in Coutyard Studios just to confirm, is this a scam?

    1. 100%

      MM Models is one of the agencies to avoid like the plague

      100% scam. Check out the face book group for a full list of scam companies like M Models, MM Models, Momco. Ignit3 talent. Fusion management

    2. Can you please provide us with more details of the courtyard studio.

      Location and a story behind the issues would be great.

    3. I honestly can’t believe how big this chain really is. I was scammed earlier this year. Can you email me privately. I’ve done a lot of research myself and I’ve found a lot of agencies that do the same thing and lead back to the same place. I want to try and get justice.

  15. My daughter has had 2 emails from Models suggesting she applies to Scallwags & Tiny Angels, are these also a scam? The other email she’s had is directly from Charlie’s Angels to contact them also…is this a scam as well?
    All this after attending Courtyard Studios MM Models on 7.1.20

    1. Scally wags and Tiny Angels are legit.

      Charlies Angels are also legit it appears though there is a scam website called charliees that is a scam so be careful how you move forward as use due diligence.

      I suggest joining a group on facebook for parents of child models. Do a search and request to join one of the groups as there is a lot of information on the groups about these scam agencies and who to stay away from.

      The scammers continue to set up companies using genuine agency names and copying other names and companies to appear more legitimate. i.e. Charliees!!!!!!

      Do homework and check reviews before signing to any of them.

      1. Hey could you please get in contact with me they are still at the same place doing the same to other people they’ve got so mad and I’ve got more extra proof what i would like to share as this has happened today and they didn’t tell me I had to pay 200 for a portfolio and said I was good and accepted by every company and tried to take advantage of that I was 18 and didn’t like when I stated facts like why I need to pay them if I’m going to be successful and I ended up getting kicked out, I ain’t like other people I don’t just give my cash to anyone and had a sign and a feeling it wasn’t legit since the Instagram had a different user I brought a friend with me. I stated facts like how someone who’s studying at college going to pay that and mind the point can explain more when you get in contact with me. My point is that they were valuable young and adults who was there who I know has agreed and paid and I feel so bad that I can’t do nothing about it. The emails I’ve received is out the world please get back to me at I think it’s bigger then it is, it all doesn’t make sense something else is going on here, I want to find out and expose these people as the people I saw I wouldn’t say desperate but they want a break in to the industry like myself but I use my head first.

      2. Let’s get your refund back, how can people act like 600 500 isn’t nothing never mind starting price is 199 at first I said so 1.99 as that was my first conclusion and wen they said no 199 I got up and said thank you for wasting my time but they resisted to let me go straight away and really tried to convince me and they didn’t like the fact I had my own opinion and spoke my mind, straight afterwards they started emailing me giving me verbal abuse sending me horrible photos cause the photographer is so shit but acting like he knows what he doing but didn’t send the good ones. This needs to end they are effecting people life’s, how can you rob of a hardworking mom with children makes me psychically sick. Let’s stop it and prevent other people to go through the same experience. Let’s take action no one else is doing anything. – from same person Cali. I can’t believe what I’ve witnessed today feels like a i was on a prank show or something. They brought in a young couple with their first child how cute did you know it was only born 3 days ago and made the young couple who obviously doesn’t know how to be parents and make the new born take photos outside while it’s winter!!! The baby hasn’t even had injections. Ranging to people all ages to people in their late 60s. They tell people what they want to hear it’s their job, the money they give you is theirs. They was telling me like I had it in my back pocket like I knew I had to pay them, your behaviour doesn’t wash with me mate. They didn’t like it and was telling me to forget about the baby cause it is against health and safety policy or rules. I’m sure the youngest model audition is 3 years of age they know what they’ve done and slipped up I told them there and then you think I can’t make a free website on wix to add some shitty pictures what you’ve took. Please get in contact immediately, they want me to forget about the baby I don’t understand how they didn’t take that new born in the studio never mind getting it out laying it or whatever they was doing in this cold, they defo paid them. I couldn’t even remember applying for models and photography and then the websites change constantly.

  16. Confirmed MM Models – Online booking team : scam
    Contact name is Clay +44 7950 653245
    They are in London. These scammers are everywhere.
    Everything been told above are true. Because it happened exactly the same to me

    1. That’s who we saw. Got ripped off £500 . What is this 14 day cooling off period ? How do we go about trying to get money back ?

  17. So glad I found this blog!!! My 6 month old son had an appointment today at half 1! Not anymore

  18. We have been contacted by icons and full scale talent. I am yet to respond, are these scams ?

    1. Full scale talent
      Id personally Stay away from these. Some Bad reviews online. Only been registered since Oct 2019 and website stings of template style scam with the same office locations as the other scam agenies. Hidden registered contact address. No proper terms no legal privacy policy followed on the website.

      Icons talent agency
      I assume you mean this company?>
      Twitter link points to a different page. Facebook account created in Oct 2019 so not even 5 months old .
      On the front page of the shiny new website they claim to do work for ToyRUs but this company website bust years ago ha ha ha… what a bunch of idiots must be behind this website design!!..

      Several other websites claiming this to be a scam.

  19. I’ve been talking to icons and full scale. Should I stay away from them? I really liked the sound of full scale. Especially the beginner’s contract for kids

    1. Stay away would be my advice.

    2. Hi lisa did you pay anything to them? Got work?

  20. I was scammed by the Manchester branch (Eurohouse Studios, 1 Overbridge Road, Salford, M7 1SL) on 6th March for £1000.
    I have reported it to action fraud, c4 dispatches, my bank and the financial ombudsman. I am hoping to get a refund as they have refused me one (obviously!) and would appreciate any help or advice from anyone who has had success in getting money back. There is a story on which? explaining how a lady got a refund after folling the same route that I’m on, but the refund came from the bank, not the scammers and I hate that they’re continuing to get away with this.

  21. It seems my daughter has had the same experience as described by many above.
    In the last week she attended an interview in Birmingham for the “The Model Academy”, who purport to be an international Model School (see where she was assured of her suitability, etc, etc. etc. & she parted with GBP 500 for Model School/website setup & photographs. This includes a course for 4 weeks on various aspects of modelling/actng, etc.
    There is no Companies House record of a company with this name although the website (contact us) address is HQ: Topcliffe Mills, Topcliffe Lane, Morley, LS27 0HL.
    Within a day or two she has been approached by 3 agencies: Full Scale Talent Agency, Icons Talent Agency & Fusion Mngt.
    For Icons Talent Agency, also mentioned by several people above, according to Companies House, there have been 4 changes of address in Derby in the last 2 months & according to Company Check & Endhole the company is Dormant i.e not trading. It changed its name only 4 months ago (From Dolphin Promotions). The WHOIS details are familiar: website created only in Oct 2019 & same Name Server as the companies listed above.;
    For Full Scale Talent Agency ( the story is similar: according to WHOIS this Domain is currently available! A companies House search shows the company was only incorporated in Oct 2019 & there was a change of address only recently on 11th March 2020 ( See also,
    As with IconsTA, how the company has so many blue chip clients (on its webpage) in 5 months stretches credulity.
    For Fusion Mngt Ltd according to several company searches this company has been liquidated.
    The pattern seems very obvious. Looks like the same scam process being recycled with different company names, etc.
    The Model Agency books aspiring models via a website:, so not sure how legally binding this is. The contract appears focused on the photos rather than the schhol courses. Also, as noted in main article above the terms state that the company are “not an employment agency”.
    I only just learned of this & I am not in UK, so not up-to-date with recent laws.
    On Gov.Uk it seems to indicate that the company should not be charging & for models there is a 30 day cancellation period.
    I am trying to get some legal advice, but having read the Gov.UK information & Citizens Advice/Which information, it seems there is a good case for a refund, not least under the “cooling off” period i.e. you can ask for your money back (letter /mail & keep all corresponcence) & you do not have to give a reason for requesting your money back. Check these links out
    NOTE: I am sure the companies will be aware of the loopholes, but worth a try &/or call Citizens Advice as best way to get a refund – this is what I will encourage my daughter to do.
    In the meantime, has anyone had any luck getting a refund?
    Has anyone any feedback on what the results are/have been from reporting this to the police / fraud people?
    I really feel for my daughter (& others above) who is gutted – not least since she was on benefits & could not afford this.
    It seems she has joined many other poor unfortunates who have been ‘duped’
    Is it possible for ‘victims’ in UK to get together on a more visible social media blog or another approach?
    Appreciate any feedback.

    1. The people behind these scams are clever and know exactly what theyre doing. They have terms and small print on the documents you sign but tell you you’re signing for something different. If you’re paying by Card and enter your pin you’ve got pretty much ZERO chance of getting anything back.

      It would advise going down the route of missold a product. 2 of our credit card companies both refused a refund because in the terms and conditions on the back it said we was buying photos. We was told these photos was free and signed up to the agency for them to provide work NOT for photos but the Card companys are not interested because you’ve signed a bit of paper and entered your pin number . The people behind the scam know this and I think love actually watching people try to get money back and fail in doing so. Sick twisted criminals like this will get a kick out of your loss as they line their pockets and get rich!.

      1. I appreciate the comments above. What I am not clear about is the site that states there is a 30 day window to cancel & consumer lwa (service contracts) that states there is a 14 day cooling off period for any agreement. I appreciate that the cost of photos may not be able to be recovered, but do neither of the above apply here?
        Also, did you (anyone) get any response from reporting this to the police or local Trading Standards people?

        1. These companies are getting around this because they are photos. Once provided the photo via email etc you can download it then return it to them, this is the loophole they are relying on to get them past all of the refunds basically you have had photos. On the paper you signed they are claiming it is a receipt and in the small print says you have had and accepted images that can not be returned.

          no reponse from the police or the fraud department.

  22. My suggestion to anyone is to try and get a chargeback on your payment card. The bank will most likely refuse you at first, but then you must complain to the financial ombudsman with the arguement the the item was mis-sold and that any work offers that have come off the back of their payment are – with a little fishing into the companies listed as provided above – are fake and worthless.
    Which? has a good story of how a victim got her money back… maybe there is hope for us all.
    For a short time, the lady I have dealt with there the whole time – called Allie Bir (although most likely a fake name too), offered to do me a refund for the modelling app and the modelling course, worth in her estimation half of the £1000 i had paid… then she called me up to basically say that if they provided the refund, that would be the end of it. When I said tjhat I would continie to figh for the remaining £500, they then alleged in an email to me a few minutes latewr that I had threatened to steal their products anyway so wouldn’t give a refund after all (they clearly had no intention to at any point. I will continue to chase my refund and do my best to ruin them… I wish you all luck in doing the same.

    1. Thanks for the input Rich.

      It would be great to find out if anyone has gone down the route of complaining to the FO and got a result with the return of their money.

      This would be a great solution for everyone.

      The other point I’m really not happy with is the Merchant and card processing company surely must deal with a huge amount of chargebacks for this company all over the country. I’m inclined to know why they have not had the card facility taken away from them.
      Having worked in what is classed as a high risk industry (adult related) the card processing companies would remove the facility if the company had to many chargebacks. Surely this companies chargebacks are off the scale!!!!!!!!!

      A comment from VISA and mastercard why they allow orgainised criminals to use there cards to fund this scam and criminal activity would be good as well.

      1. Please see my comment below. I reclaimed £600 of the £1000 that I paid through the financial ombudsman. I could prove that I had asked my bank to process a chargeback and they had refused and the F.Ombudsman agreed that I had grounds to apply for one.
        It’s taken a (bloody) long time, but very glad to have got a decent chunk of the money back. Sad that its not from they are soles that scammed me out of it, but sure the bank don’t like to give back money either so surely will start to take note of the scam and WHEN enough of you complain similarly to me and get your money back as well…

  23. I’ve made a report to action fraud and financial ombudsman and I hope to find justice. Could you email me privately, I think there is a solution out there but I dont want to discuss it openly with scam artists watching.

  24. I’ve just fallen victim to this scam, I’ve paid out a lump sum to these! I had my hesitations in sales pitch room, but a dream and their cleaver way of pulling you in just works too well.

    I’m thankful that I’ve come across this, it makes me feel less of a fool knowing others have also fallen victim to this. Undue influence and immense pressure has definitely caused us all a hardship.

    I wish I could get my money back, I’ve spent so much money, I’m now broke, empty promises for big dreams :(.

    I just hope that they will get caught, I keep thinking of everyone else who was at the test shoot, I hope they walked away instead of paying

  25. Hi,
    I think I may also be a victim of this scam but I attended Keys Court which is in Birmingham B12. Address is 82-84 Moseley Street and we attended in mid June.
    Can anyone confirm with these details please?

    1. I’m afraid you have.
      This is their new Location in Birmingham.

      I also visited and recognised the receptionist as the same person from Bradford court.

  26. Hi, I have fallen to this scam too, but in Nottingham could you contact me so that we can collaborate? I have also reported with Citizens Advice and Action Fraud.

    1. contact me, I am from Nottingham.

  27. Hello,

    I have also been a victim of this scam and have been to the Nottingham studio from the Booking Team!
    could we not fight this company as a group?
    I have contacted the police and I am waiting for an officer to come to my home.
    I have also contacted action fraud and also citizons advice.
    I have also put a charge back in with my bank but it takes 5 days for a decision and then you need proof of corispondance, emails and reference numbers.
    Happy to discuss with anyone, or happy to proceed as a group.
    The saddest thing is that has happened to a disabled adult with learning difficulties and has parted with £800 !!

  28. It would be interesting to know if anyone had any luck going through the financial ombudsman ?

    1. After a long wait, the financial ombudsman got back to me to tell me that my complaint to them about Square Works Media / ModelsandPhotography / M Models wasn’t valid as they weren’t a financial organisation and that they only dealt with complaints against the likes of banks… so I re-complained about First Direct and the fact that they hadn’t allowed me a chargeback for lots of reasons including:
      -Square Works media not allowing me any cooling off period for my purchase
      -the modelling course that was part of the deal was cancelled (Covid) yet they still refused me a refund for it.
      -why/how do the scammers hasve a merchant terminal when they are not a legitimate business?
      -the banks are suppoting the scammers by allowing them to scam and not allowing a chargeback.
      This is a course of action I would recommend any of you take. More pressure on the banks cannot hurt…

      1. I have just (in bank today!) reclaimed £644 of the £1000 that Models and Photography in Eurohouse Studios scammed me out of in March 2020. It’s been a long and tedious fight and although I’m obviously disappointed it’s not the full amount, I’m pleased not only to have got two thirds of the money back, but to have made the bank and ombudsman sit up and notice these criminals and their company and if some of you try to follow the steps that I succeeded with, something might actually be done to shut them down / f them up.
        My success was based on the fact that my bank, First Direct (HSBC) has not allowed me a chargeback, claiming I didn’t have sufficient grounds.
        My scammy purchase was for £500 photographs, £300 app and £200 modelling course.
        I never downloaded the app as it wasn’t available at the time that I asked for a refund (within 6 hours of coming out of the studio) and the course was cancelled due to covid.
        I complained to the financial ombudsman about FD and proved that they should have allowed it on several grounds: r ‘Non-Receipt of Services (13.1)’ or ‘Non-receipt of a
        Refund (13.6)’ in respect of the mobile app and modelling course.

        It is ABSOLUTELY WORTH PERSISTENCE with your bank and if you too are able to prove that they should have helped and didn’t, you may well get most of your money back too.
        I wish you all good fortune and hopefully if enough of us are having to be refunded by our banks on behalf of these criminals it will be in their interests to do something.

    2. Yes, see my most recent post

  29. Thank goodness i saw this today only applied last night phone call and emails today and an appointment booked for tomorrow in Morley, Leeds . I got a call from a mobile number 07849819016 re the appointment. Thought it was dodgy so glad i trusted my gut. Keep up the good work. Thank you

  30. The same happened to myself last year around that time too ! I came across this blog and I can’t believe it’s true. I went for a photon shoot got conned into paying 500 and the. Was told exacts same story as yourself and then was contacted by ignit3 and momco, I went to see ignit3 only I went all the way from Leeds as I thought I was getting somewhere. I paid them 150 and he told me contact them email once I have done a portfolio. I contacted and he never got back to me I had a bad feeling I was scammed I didn’t want to think about it anymore I knew there wasn’t muCh to be done. I kept trying but no one ever responded I’m glad I didn’t go to momco. I was so disappointed. They rent a studio in Leeds for the photo shoot. It’s crazy the things the lady said to me I actually believed her:/ feel like a fool.

  31. I am the kind of person who checks first and only goes into something. I checked the phone number from which I was called and found your article. Thank you for that, because all the information here is a warning to me not to lose money unnecessarily.

  32. We went to a photo shoot today in east London had the photos done, 3 outfits then the sales pitch and guess what we had interest from Fusion Managment . Can I Confirm this is the same Fusion that has been referred to previously? Sooo glad I didn’t pay anything! the company we booked through was and emails were from

    Its shocking people losing a good few hundred quid but also disappointment from the children when they realise..

  33. I Lost out on £1200 to these. Went to the Manchester studios in December. Had photos taken, filled out a questionnaire whilst waiting for them to make a decision. Got called into a room, said how good I did for my first time in front of the camera. Told me 2 agencies had taken interest in me already. One was Tesla Models and the second was Fusion. Got told the kind of work I’d be getting involved in such as commercials. Got told about their upcoming modelling school 4 week course. I was shown my photos and then the payment packages were explained starting at £300 plus VAT. The highest gold package was £1000 plus VAT which is what the extra £200 was on top. Stupidly I opted for that one because modelling is something I want to get into. After agreeing to pay this package, multiple emails were sent to me from contracts to sign to links to my own website and portfolio images. I was then contacted by Tesla Models the next day and wanted me to pay £75 to be on their books. 2 weeks later I was contacted by fusion who wanted me to pay around £160 for 2 years to be on their books. I heavily regret applying. This link is where I applied and then any future emails from them would be from ‘The booking team’.
    Hope people see this because it’s all I think about most days. Wishing I could go back and change things, whether it’s not attending the photo shoot or opting not to pay a single penny. I’ve now lost out on nearly £1500 which I saved up in a savings account after working 2 part time jobs. I’ve managed to build up to another £1000 in my savings now but I still think how much better off I could be right now if I didn’t transfer my money. It’s affecting my mental status. It’s sad and I’m angry they did this to me. Especially during the Covid pandemic and so close to Christmas time! They send me daily casting emails but sometimes the links don’t work and they castings are also found on the website Star Now. So the castings sent aren’t really exclusive. I could easily browse star now myself. I haven’t attempted to get money back because I feel I’d be wasting my time. I entered my pin, gave them my money and got scammed! I’ve got some photos out of it but very expensive photos! The money could have been spent on something better. I was saving for a place but now that’s going to take even longer!

    1. I just cannot believe these people have not been stopped yet. It is a year now since I got conned out of £500 for my daughter , exactly the same scenario but in London .

  34. Once bit twice shy. Went in yesterday. Got roped into it. Seemed fishy but I had a slight glimmer of hope. They’re clever. Very clever. I’m usually pretty good with this stuff too but everything is set up that it looks legit enough. He offered me a package at £600. I said I didn’t have that on me. I asked how much I had. Said best I can do is £150. So he very quickly accepted £150 and on I went pretty excited. All of this felt waaaay too easy. So I slept on it. This morning I looked closer into them. Then found out that my portfolio probably isn’t really worth shit and that I’d had the smoke blown up my arse. Which is a shame really. I just wanted it as a little side gig to be fair. Wasn’t going to go full hog into it.

    I’ve contacted the police and my bank. I’ve even quoted this place in both statements. My bank seems to think they can still retrieve the money after 15 days because although there was a signed agreement, the rest was done as a verbal agreement. Bush fraud I think is what it’s called. Where you’re tricked into signed for something with false pretense.

    Worst case scenario, I’ve paid £150 for a decent enough photoshoot and that’s what I explained to the police. This isn’t going to hurt me too much. I could still probably send the photos off to another studio as a portfolio even if it’s an over priced one. Though what’s concerning is that, some people aren’t as lucky as to get away with just spending that. Some are putting up £500 – £1000 a go. Which isn’t cool.

    It smelled bad from walking in. It’s embarrassing that I shared it on facebook and to family, friends and work mates that I was going down this career path. I’m very tempted, with my 5’11, 80kg Kickboxer frame to go down and do something extremely terrible to the person. However, I’m going to leave this for the law to sort out.

    1. I’m feeling very sad now.
      I don’t know what to do or how to go about it. These people are very wicked people. I remember telling them this was all I had in my savings and I’m hoping it will turn up well. I thought i was going to make myself proud for making that investment in myself. They assured me I was going to start my model journey in just a week and wouldn’t have to worry about the £300 I paid. Now all the agencies that call me ask for a contract fee. This is very serious. How can a big country like the UK have such professional scams going on and there is nothing being done about it. This article was posted in 2019 and the issue is still going in in 2021..

      1. Read my post above and contact your bank and demand a chargeback. If they refuse, contact the financial ombudsman and complain about the bank. After a lengthy fight, I just got 2/3 of my money back and everyone should be able to do the same with similar argument/justification. Good luck

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