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Beatriz Aspas Gil Direlecgroup sl

The joys of selling on amazon Spain

We have closed our international selling channels on Amazon due to the increased racist and fraudulent activity of not only the customers in SPAIN and GERMANY but the staff that work for Amazon are just as corrupt.

We recently sold a Children’s witch Fancy dress Halloween costume to the following person:

Beatriz Aspas Gil Direlecgroup sl 
Calle Carmen 2
L’Alqueria de la Comtessa, Valencia 46715
Phone : 669025271

Within a few days the buyer cancels the order but unfortunately due the efficiency of our warehouse the item had already been packed and shipped.  The item arrives in spain and is delivered to the above person on 15 October. Royal Mail tracking LB880024416GB proves this.

So the customer then opens up a claim on Amazon saying the item we sent is a different item and the description does not match the item listing. We asked the customer to send us photos of the item they have received so we can see what is different about the details in the listing and the item she has received. The customer is unable to do this as there is no difference. This is just a random reason in an attempt to get there money back and get a free costume.

Next the customer makes another claim that this Halloween costume arrived late and is no good for whatever even she wanted it for as the event happens on the 2nd November.  We pointed out the contradiction in dates and pointed out the item was in fact already delivered on 15 October. Well in time for her event on 2 November.

So this lying scum bag then again changes their mind for a third time and now tells Amazon that this costume arrived damaged and it no good. They demand an address in Spain to return the costume even though we are in the UK.

I point this out to Amazon and also point out the lies and the three different stories all made up by the customer in an effort to get a free costume.

This is Amazon response and more that likely the response of a racist member of staff working for amazon.

Please provide your customer with an address in Spain within 3 days and if you do not we will take the money from your account without your permission and give it back to the customer.  




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