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DLSML Health FRAUD WARNING Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd

WARNING about DLSML Health / Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd

The following company and people stole $1997 from World Niche in April 2018.

Following on several years of business between both companies there appeared to be an issue with DALIAN SML HEALTH and without warning the company vanished after receiving the $1997 from World Niche.

There was contact between our Sales contact below AMY TANG for several weeks following the issues but eventually the contact stopped and there is no answer from the email address or phone numbers.

Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd & Dalian SML Health Product Co.,Limited
ADD: No. 4 Qixiandongyuan, Huangpu Road, Hi-Tech Area, Dalian, China
TEL: 0411-84795986 E-mail:

Company representatives and Known contacts for Dalian SML

Amy Tang王希 (CiCi) Now reportedly working for hair extension company 

0086 15164029936


Mr. Xueming Chen

0086 3555955356

0086 13304114601

邹吉敏 (debra)

高巍巍 (Vivi Gao)


Bess Zheng

Wei Wei Gao – This person may be the same person Vivi Gao as above.

Yang Zhang

Rachel Zhang


New dodgy company details to be aware of.

This company is still active on Alibaba and has also been reported to alibaba.

Amy Tang seems to be associated to a small group of people listed above that have had several alibaba and aliexpress stores closed.

The latest company set up by these people containing a mix of the above is a hair company called qingdao_zhangjinhua. This also happens to be the name zhang jinhua that is also involved and connected to Dalian SML health.

All information has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities for further investigation into fraudulent activities.



UPDATE – 15 July 2018

Alibaba have now accepted the complaint we filed about DALIAN SML health and are currently waiting for to respond to there emails. Alibaba have informed me that DALIAN will be removed from alibaba if they do not respond.



UPDATE – 20 July 2018

So the person AMY TANG above contacted me today via a text message and asked me if I still needed to purchase the products I lost. She offered to supply me with the same products for considerable less than I had paid. She offered to buy these direct from the factory for me.  I declined her offer.

She is still using the same phone number +8615164029936  and gave me an email address: to contact her.



UPDATE – 26 July 2018

I have been contacted by Alibaba who informed me DALIAN SML have failed to respond so far and now have just 5 more days. Failure to respond with result in there seller account being closed.



UPDATE – 08 August 2018

Alibaba have no closed the trading account of Dalian Jixin Electronic And Communication Co Ltd.






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