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World Niche growth over the last 6 years

World Niche Limited

The successful growth and development of World Niche over the last 7 years has been a rapid emotional roller roaster and fingers crossed this is just the beginning.

It all started back in 2011 when the World Niche was launched in the garage of the family home.  Along came a friend of a friend that offered the chance of using some of his warehouse space in Kings Norton. This didn’t last long and it wasn’t long before I needed to find a new home for World Niche. The increase in stock meant returning to the family garage was not an option so I turned to local business centre’s to find a cost effective business premises.

The decision to move into Imex business centre in 2011 was a relatively simple one, an affordable office with space for stock close to home with room for growth. It was this room that seen World Niche move again to a bigger office in 12 months and then within another 12 months take on two more store rooms for stock as the office was not big enough alone.

In June 2014 the biggest decision yet was made and World Niche took the plunge and moved again into a small warehouse remaining on the Imex site. Unit A8 was the answer to our storage issues and with the installation of a mezzanine floor meant we had plenty of room to store more stock.

It took longer than previously but we still managed to outgrow the storage and unit in Imex business centre and with the landlord increasing the rent and service charge at a rate of knots faster than a speedboat we had to look for an alternative premises.

In January 2018 we started moving into our new warehouse Unit 11 Howard Road , Redidtch. We’ve spent the last 4 months decorating and preparing the warehouse for some big changes World Niche has planned in the near future.

World Niche plans to open it’s doors to the general public will encourage more walk in customers to come and visit the warehouse to take advantage of some great bargains. In just 3 short months the chance in the warehouse has been unbelievable.

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