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Bargain Paint Tipton Tony Preece

Bargain Paint – Tipton – Tony Preece 07532606227 / 07465890286


Having moved warehouse to a new location I wanted to get some floor paint to give the new place a lick of paint. I looked around for local paint suppliers and found Bargain Paints based in Tipton.

Here is what happened when I used bargain paints and my warning to other people not to use them!

I Replied to an advert on GumTree for paint advertising it 10 litres for £35.

I called and was told he could deliver the same day. Great. I gave my address and waited for the delivery.

Soon the paint arrived ad this is when it went downhill. I Was then told the colour I wanted was £45 not £35 like the advert.

When he delivered the paint I was told he didn’t have the paint I wanted at £45 but he had some more expensive paint for £55 that was the same but was fast drying. Guaranteed me it would be dry and “cured” in 4 hours. I stupidly paid £20 more than the advert. The paint took 3 days to dry and I couldn’t enter my warehouse for 3 days because of it.

After several ignored phone calls they eventually answered and promised to call me back the next day to change the paint claiming it must have been a faulty batch.

Another broken promise as I never got the phone call and the paint was never changed.

Avoid this company like the plaque! unless you want to get ripped off like myself.

Update: During late February I contacted the owner of Bargain Paints Tony Preece via gumtree and after exchanging several emails he agreed to refund my money. He actually seemed genuine and said he did not know of any problems with the paint, he even denied selling me the paint but still agreed to a refund. As I said he seemed genuine so I sent him my bank details for the refund but as with my previous experience he did nothing and I still got no refund.

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