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Be prepared and ready to lose money with eBay

Walk this way to hear our experience

We have been forced by the ICO to update this article and remove some of the personal details of the thief and low life scum that abused the eBay protection service to steal from us and get a free product.

This article has been written to elaborate a little on the joys of trying to run a business and put food on the table for your children and just how difficult it can be when you have difficult customers, dishonest thieves that will stoop to all sorts of levels to get free products.

It will share the experiences of customers and include the down falls of selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. It will highlight the sad truth on how difficult it is to run a legitimate honest business.

It was in October 2017 when the lowlife thief decided to purchase a fancy dress costume. This scumbag purchased the Slenderman Morphsuit costume. Slenderman Morphsuits for people that are not aware they are quite a popular costumes to parties like Halloween parties etc.

After a few days the said thief emailed us to report a problem with the costume. We explained we had no further stock to replace the one he had so requested he returned the costume to us. It took him over a week to return the costume. During the week it was Halloween (see my point above about popular costumes).

So we received the costume back from said thief and when we opened the package we were absolutely disgusted. The scum had quite clearly worn the costume over a long period of time as the costume was dirty and was still inside out on the fingers where someone couldn’t even be bothered to take the costume off properly. The costume smelt like it had been worn. We took some pictures of the condition of the costume below.


We contacted the customer and explained we could not accept his return as the costume had clearly been worn and was dirty.

His told us the costume was for his little brother and he had not worn the costume although not believable didn’t make much of a difference. Whoever had been wearing the costume has clearly worn it over a period of time and the state of the costume was disgusting. We can no longer sell the item and would have to return it or bin it.

The customer then opened a return request on eBay where we uploaded these pictures and explained the issue again refusing to accept the return of the disgusting way the costume has been worn and returned.

eBay automatically accepted the return and automatically took the money from our account and gave it back. By doing this any customer gets a completely free costume to wear for whatever party he likes and walks away trouble free. As a company World Niche lose out financially and overall a lot worse off.

The price of the item was  £22.99 From this we had to pay the £4 delivery fee and 5% eBay and 5% Paypal fees.  (£2.29 +£4 £6.29 total) From the remaining £16.70 we have to cover the packaging costs, wages etc.

So ebay have taken £22.99 back from us but remembering we have already paid out £6.29 the total loss is now increased to  £29.28 On top of this we can no longer sell the product which has now been binned.

Luckily majority of eBay users and buyers are decent people but there are a few people that use eBay that are dishonest disgusting tramps and no more than common thieves. Knowing how to abuse the eBay system. The eBay customer guarantee program is in place for genuine honest customers and is being totally abused by a number of people to gain free products at the cost of sellers.

I’ll let you all decide which category you think this customer falls into.

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